Bike DC 2012


Once a year, cyclists from all over the Washington, D.C. community ride together and enjoy the historic and scenic sights of our nation’s capital, in a bicycle ride known as Bike DC. This year, upwards of 65 friends and family from the Indoor Cycling group and Triathlon Club set out to explore the streets. Along the way, we encountered everything from unicyclists to a dad towing a kid on a tandem, towing another kid on a trailer bike, towing two dogs in a doggy trailer! GOING UPHILL. I thought that was pretty amazing.

We stopped at every rest stop and checked out all the monuments up close. It was really cool seeing some of these memorials in person. I’ve always seen them while driving and passing by in a car, but my, were they impressive when you were standing right up next to them. The rest of the ride went spectacularly. The weather was beautiful, and everyone crossed the finish line with smiles. For everyone who left early, you totally missed out–we raffled off 3 WABA jerseys to the lucky group at the finish. Not to mention, we got delicious dim sum at China Garden afterwards.

Special thanks to Colleen Matthews for organizing the group, and coming out to support us even with a bum knee!

Pictures (courtesy of Will Adrovel)

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