Manassas Mini

The day began at 4:30am. You’d think Manassas, VA, is right around the corner, but it’s not. Took 45 mins to an hour to drive there, so we all woke up while it was still dark. Here you can see how excited and awake we were, and how dark it still was outside:

Renee was so out of it she actually parked in front of my house, then walked across the street and stood there for 10 minutes trying to figure out where my place was. I stood on my porch and waited to see how long it would take. haha! Ok, maybe that was a little mean.

James giving some last minute pro tips:

PTOTRICLUB ready to race!:

Very nice pool at the Freedom Center:

It was really hard trying to tell who was who once the swimming started:

Smilin’ thru the transition! That’s how to race! =):

Our first-place finisher zooming to the finish:


Victory Breakfast Feast at Ashton Diner. The clientele there was very.. homogeneous:

Final results? Our very own Jason McCormack took 1st place overall! James and John both placed 2nd in their respective age groups as well! And Erica and Renee agreed they: 1) had a great time and 2) would never do it again. I had a great time volunteering and taking pics as well. It was tough trying to catch everyone coming through the course at different times. And there really was not a moment of downtime, surprisingly. Race coordinators needed volunteer help like crazy. Very good experience overall, and I think everyone had a great nap once they got home!

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