Come to PTO Triathlon Club’s Season Kickoff Happy Hour on March 29!

We’re back!

It may have been a while since you’ve heard from PTO Tri Club, but we have a valid excuse: we’ve been training! We have great things planned this year, starting with our Season Kickoff Happy Hour.

Missing the Season Kickoff Happy Hour is like missing breakfast. So make sure you’re there. We’ll be holding a raffle, with the grand prize being a complimentary race entry to Luray Triathlon!

Connect and Compete

Make sure to follow the club around the Internet, starting with Facebook andTwitter. Compete and train virtually with other club members by joining PTOTRI’s Strava, Garminconnect, and MapMyFitness groups. We also revamped the club website so go take a peek.

We’re Official

2016 is our first year as an official club of USA Triathlon. You should think aboutbecoming a member yourself! Let us know if you’re already a member so that we can add you to our USAT roster.

Dear Hotelers

With all the hotelers at the USPTO, we’ve become a nationwide team! PTOTRI members now get discounts to over 100 races nationwide. There may be one around your neck of the woods.

Wednesday Runs

PTO Tri Club can start running with Patents PMer Running Group on Wednesdays at 5pm. Meet in front of Knox and be ready to run!

Strength in Numbers

If you’re feeling particularly charitable with your time, PTOTRI is looking for members who want to step up and help with organization, events, training, whatever! We’d be delighted.

Btw, have you seen our new logo? The ‘o’ is supposed to represent that soccer ball in the middle of our Alexandria campus (just joking… I  know it’s a children’s jungle gym).

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