Mentoring Program

The PTOTRICLUB Mentoring program is a group mentoring program that matches an experienced triathlete with one or more beginners to form a mentor group. Mentees will be grouped, as possible, such that mentees within a mentor group are training for the same distance or same race. Mentors are not personal coaches, but a resource for answering questions or providing guidance. Mentors will have the opportunity to interact with other mentors to exchange ideas and share mentoring responsibilities.

Sign up for the mentoring program now! This program is for:

  • Mentors: If you have completed at least one triathlon and feel you have learned something from racing and want to give back.
  • Mentees: If you are new or fairly new to triathlons and would appreciate having a big buddy to guide you toward your goals this season.

What the process will be:

  1. Contact the Mentoring Program Coordinator to apply as a Mentor or Mentee
  2. We will arrange a speed-mentoring event for mentees to meet potential mentors. Let mentees choose mentors.
  3. Matches are notified.

Mentor requirements:

  1. Please embody the club mission:
    PTOTRICLUB is a network of aspiring and experienced triathletes at the PTO. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Our goals are to help beginners transition into the sport, and aid all athletes in achieving more. Whether you are training for an Ironman, or just interested in any of swimming, cycling, running, or volunteering at events, you are welcome here.
  2. You are agreeing to mentor anyone who chooses you.
  3. Attend a large group event once a month with your mentees to meet and interact with other mentor groups and the club (e.g. HH once a month).

Mentor resources and support:

  1. You can interact with other mentors via a mentors listserv.
  2. Club provides workouts and events you can utilize with your mentor group.
  3. Otherwise, the program is hands-off and you are in control of your own mentor group. You may certainly go beyond what the club offers and implement your own ideas for your group. It is recommended to meet with your mentor group at least once a biweek as a small group.

For any questions, please contact the Mentoring Program Coordinator.